I hold the right to not let it go.

It’s not easy to let go.
What you hold so close.
That’s risen from your heart
Germinated from your soul.
The one you fiercely guarded
The one you hide within
The one that swallows you whole
The one that consumes like sin
The one that awakens,
The one that leads your dreams.
The one that fills you to the brim ,
Till you burst out of your seams
The one that has become you,
The one that you’ve become.
That which rules your subconscious,
That’s become your total sum.
The one that chooses to leave,
The one you still won’t let go,
The one that breaks you into two,
Whilst knotted in your core.
So why should I allow it
To abandon me at will?
Even if it chooses to leave.
I will cradle inside me still.

13 thoughts on “I hold the right to not let it go.

  1. In love with this. So profound filled with all emotions dipped in love. Keep touching souls in whichever way you want to , for that’s the purpose of life.


  2. Read it again. Quite surprisingly for me. I’m not such a poetry person. Reminds me of our love for our children. Also as I’m writing this, it comes to me that only a woman can feel like this…..that you can express it is magic.


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